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Check out this recorded livestream from November of 2016, in which we showed some highlights from our Playing With Pride interviews. It’s about an hour long, followed by an hour of casual chatting and Q&A. Once you watch, pleaseĀ leave your feedback here!
– Matt & James

3:03 Presentation begins
7:37 End of Intro
1:19:03 Q&A Begins


Playing with Pride FAQ

What is Playing with Pride?
Playing with Pride is a video project about how people’s lives are transformed when gay culture and game culture collide.

Who’s making it?
Matt Baume is a writer and storyteller who’s been covering LGBT issues and culture for the last decade. His partner James Morris is a veteran of the game industry, having worked at LucasArts, Capcom, and Leapfrog.

How did Playing with Pride start?
Starting in 2014, we drove around the country, visiting LGBT and ally gamers in their homes to ask them why LGBTQ game events matter to them. In the process, we gathered intimate stories about how games helped people come out, find their tribe, become closer with friends and family, fall in love, and more.

How can I see it?
Sign up for the Playing With Pride mailing list above, so you can be the first to know when there’s more to see. We also occasionally present work-in-progress versions of the presentation via online livestream, and at conferences like PAX, GaymerX, and HavenCon. Sign up for the mailing list to find out when we’ll be showing it next!